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Moving heavy items, like pianos and pool tables, require special care and extra attention. Grand pianos, for instance, are heavy and are delicate to move so they must be handled by expert removalists. Pool and billiard tables, just like pianos, are also fragile and require special removal trucks or vans and trained personnel who will handle them from pickup to delivery.

Heavy furniture removal is not just an ordinary removal work – the packing must be secured and well-placed to avoid markings, pads and blankets must be in place together with trolleys and ramps, and the cargo truck must be designed to minimize vibration to avoid damage to the piano or pool table.

How did we know all that?

Simply because we have been moving heavy items – from piano to pool tables – around the east cost of Australia for the past 10 years. We are Roadrunner Removals, Australia’s most trusted specialist heavy items, piano, and pool table removals company.

We have the highly-trained personnel and the custom-built cargo trucks ready to serve you, whether you are:

  • A piano owner wanting to move your favorite musical instrument to any location within the house or the suburb
  • A piano buyer who wants a safe and reliable delivery of your new possession
  • Or a pool hall owner wanting to move several pieces of pool or billiard tables interstate


Pool Table & Piano Removal Brisbane

Piano Removals in Brisbane

If you are planning to move your Grand Piano or organ from one room to another or from one floor to the other, don’t do it all by yourself. The risk of damaging or breaking your favorite piano is high because you don’t have the right skills and the right tools to move it. Same with moving that piece of instrument from one city to another – it’s going to be a risky move if you don’t have the right vehicle to transport it.

By delicately and carefully moving your piano anywhere in the house or in the country, we assure you that the finishing of that expensive piece will remain unscratched and every bridge and hammer of your piano will be fully-protected.

Pool Table Removals in Brisbane

Pool and billiard tables require precise balance. When any part of the table is damaged, misaligned, or broken, the entire pool table will become useless because the surface will no longer be leveled and balanced. This is one of the main reasons why pool table removals must be handled by expert removalists.

At Roadrunner Removals, we have special pads and trolleys that are made specifically to help in  pool table removals. We also have trucks with ample spaces and balance lock to ensure that the tables will not be moving and shaking while being transported.

Expert, Reliable Heavy Furniture Removal Service

Our removalists have been undergoing regular trainings on how to move heavy objects such as pianos and organs, so they know exactly what they are doing. We have the right skills, the right  experience, and the right sets of tools to move the piano down the stairs and into the destination you want.

We also have specialized trucks and vans that are spacious, with large rear doors, and built-in mechanism that will hold still your piano, billiard table, and other heavy items as we transport them within the city or to any cities around Australia.

Don’t take the risk of damaging your property. Let only the expert and reliable removalist move your favorite piano or pool table.

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