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Cheap Packing Boxes

Planning and Preparation

Planning to relocate or move office? Do you have plenty of stuff, clothes, furniture, appliances, and other items that you would want to pack but don’t have anything to pack it into?

If you are looking for a durable, high-quality box that is affordable, you’ve come to the right place. We have a range of both new and used items available.

We are one of the leading furniture and heavy items removals company in Brisbane and we know exactly what you need because we have been packing and storing various items for removals since we began in the industry 10 years ago!

Used For Different Needs

We have different types of moving and storage cartons for sale at very reasonable rates. Our removal boxes are one of the most durable and environment-friendly boxes used for removals and storage around Australia. For just about anything, we have a range of different shapes and sizes for you:

  • All-Purpose
    Designed for light and common household and office items, including clothes, books, toys, shoes, utensils, small appliances, and more. Our all-purpose box comes in various sizes and shapes
  • Large & Small
    Perfect for heavier items such as small furniture, electronic items, gadgets, computers, etc.
  • Heavy Duty
    For huge and heavy items like office or household furniture, etc. Delicate, fragile, and breakable items – antiques, art pieces, chinaware, etc. – can also be placed in these.
  • Storage Boxes
    If you want boxes to place your things or tools for storage, this is the right box for you. Durable and strong, our storage box provides assurance that your stuff is protected from the elements while in storage
  • Portable Wardrobe Boxes
    If you want to move clothes, costumes, wardrobes, and suits but you don’t want to over fold, damage, or mix them with other items, our portable range is best


Roadrunner Removals offers high-quality customer service and next-day (or within-the-day, depending on your location), door-to-door delivery for orders of removals and storage boxes.

More Than Just Moving Boxes

Roadrunner Removals is a specialist in home and office furniture removals, you can trust the products we sell are the most durable, most affordable, and reliable solution for your requirements. We also offer free moving soltuions if you book of any of our reliable removal services.

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